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Hello! I’m Uwe Neumann and welcome Trade Coach! On this website we are going to discuss everything about crypto trading. I search for crypto news, write educational articles and reviews. Somebody even called me Crypto Coach as I like crypto more than any other trading asset because it’s volatile and it is a future. It’s relatively new phenomenon, but crypto sphere grows fast, involving more and more investments.Before crypto I was a Forex broker and I keep using some strategies while trading crypto currency. If you want to read my history I have it here. But that’s not the end of my life: I always look for an additional income from trading, so do not hesitate to leave your comments.

It is expected that the stage will permit trading digital money for neighborhood baht in Thailand and for national rupees in Indonesia.

That's quite a surprising news we've got from Cointelegraph and China Central Bank. It appears blockchain technology is not so useful we used to think.

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