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What Crypto currencies Are the Best for the Investments?

What Crypto currencies Do Entice Investors in 2018?

The crypto market is stronger than ever and the crypto currency investment rating 2018 speaks for itself. Today investors explore this market searching for new attractive possibilities and projects that are appropriate for the investments in the long run. Gone are the days when the investors knew about Bitcoin and Ethereum only. Today’s crypto-currency rating 2018 recons hundreds of names and it is so easy to get lost there. So we are here to sort them out and find the most promising and high-rated currencies that are definitely worth your attention.

High powered crypto currency investment rating

The well-known and respectful rating agency Weiss Ratings has brought out one of the recent rating lists that included 93 currencies. The grade scale is as follows:


  • A = excellent
  • B = good
  • C = fair
  • E = very weak
  • F = fraud

The currencies were evaluated according to the wide range of factors. Significantly, neither coin received A, B+ or F in this crypto-currency rating for 2018. However, the agency states that the coins that have received B and B- are investment-friendly so the investors can buy them without concerns. A “C” rating is an equivalent to “hold” and it is also a passing grade.

In general, the rating includes 14 coins with B ratings (among them are ETH, EOS, NEO, XRP, IOTA, TRX, and XML) and 54 coins with C ratings.

Naturally, the national crypto-currency rating 2018 does not reflect the meanings of the independent rating agencies. Thus, Chinese ratings put NEO, the Chinese coin, in the first place of the list, while Bitcoin is 17th. Ethereum, previous number 1 of the list, has lost this position as well as STEEM, the previous number 2.

The crypto currency investment rating according to the investment attractiveness

We have prepared the list of the most attractive coins for the short- and long-term investments.

1. Ethereum – ETH

Eth is the second largest altcoin after Bitcoin but deserves the first place in our list because of the usage of Smart contracts and Blockchain.  At the moment, investors can purchase Ethereum through FIAT just like US dollars and Fiat offers only three cryptocurrencies, which is saying something.

Ethereum has around 200 use cases unlike many other cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum framework serves as a basis for literally everything you invest in, so implicitly, this altcoin can have millions of transactions a second. According to the specialists’ predictions, the price for Ethereum will reach $3,800, however, no one can say exactly, how much it will actually cost.

2. Bitcoin – BTC

Many people believe that this is the only cryptocurrency there is (despite the fact that various crypto-currency rating for 2018 is the evidence to the contrary). One coin costs around $19,000, so it is hard to speak about the investment in the entire coin, as investors prefer to devote money to a fragment of a coin. According to the ratings and prognoses the price for this altcoin will continue growing, so do not hesitate if you are going to invest in BTC. Otherwise, the price may become so high that you won’t be able to invest in it.

The specialists predict an unbelievable rise in the price per Bitcoin up to $150,000.

3. LiteCoin – LTC

The history of this altcoin has started in 2011 and since then it became a frequent visitor of the crypto-currency rating by price. Why is it so highly evaluated among the investors? The reason is simple: it has a great potential. In 2017 the investors have gained more than 4,000% by the end of the year.

The founder of LiteCoin exerts best efforts to make this altcoin even more attractive for the investors. Currently, LiteCoin is four times faster than Bitcoin. Add here a limited supply of about 84 million and you will understand why this digital currency is so attractive to the investors.

The current price of LiteCoin is $300, yet, the specialists expect it to rise up to $1,500.

4. Monero – XRM

The current price of XRM is $350 yet it is expected to at least double by the end of 2018. Why is it worth the attention of the investors? One of the main reasons is one of the best development teams and a strong community of the altcoin. No wonder that this altcoin always appears in the lists of crypto currency investment rating.

In the potential, Monero is able to raise the price up to $1,000 per coin at the end of the year.

5. Cardano – ADA

This altcoin is considered to be a direct competitor against Ethereum. Taking into consideration the fast development of the blockchain technology, Cardano has a great potential. The current price of the altcoin is $0.36 and is predicted to raise up to $7 this year.

6. EOS

EOS is one of the well-known coins of the crypto-currency rating 2018. This altcoin is known for using the Delegated Proof of Stake measurement that is said to be an improved proof of state. The experts say that EOS is a great choice for the short-term investments as the price per coin may reach up to $60 this year.

7. Kyber Network (KNC)

This is the best solution for those who want to keep money private. The technologies that KNC uses allow the cryptocurrency trading without exchanges allowing people to buy and sell altcoins on the peer to peer basis. The possible price of KNC at the end of 2018 is around $25.

8. Genesis Vision (GVT)

The token supply of this altcoin is only 3.7 million, so there is a chance to improve the investments by 5 times in a single day. The predicted price per coin here is around $100 at the end of 2018.

9. NEO

The Chinese No1 altcoin is an Ethereum competitor (it was created by Da Hongey, a well-known person in the world of Ethereum). It is known for using improved Delegated proof of stake. The price per con may raise up to $400 within two months.

10. NAGA Coin

The creation of this altcoin is on the ICO stage, so the cost of one coin is $1 only and it can be purchased from the site of the project. It has gained $15 million in investments already and NAGA has appeared on some significant exchanges. It is preferable to buy NAGA now and hold onto it until the value reaches $10.00.

Top cryptocurrency projects in 2018

Our crypto currency investment rating list would be incomplete without these 3 projects that drive the attention of the investors:

1. Ravencoin ($RVN)

Why this project does attract so much attention?

  • The project is protected from fickle investors because of the ICO basis
  • The mining is fair and public, so there is no chance for the misbalance of power
  • Well-thought-out marketing
  • The investors have already invested millions of US dollars in it

2. ICON ($ICX)

This project is one of the most promising there is. ICON can process up to 9,000 transactions per second (Ethereum is limited to 15 tps). The project is developing partnerships in 5 industries due to the possibility of the blockchains with different governances to interact.

3. Golem

The aim of this project is to establish an open-source, decentralized supercomputer and share the economy of computing power. The project works in three directions: Clay Golem, Stone Golem, and Iron Golem. Thus, this project will work as a multi-purpose distribution system,  a SaaS model, and allow developers to create web-connected apps on this platform.

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