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“Why do we need to read crypto trading news? Who cares about the idea of crypto currency?” I often see comments like these on websites related to crypto sphere. And, yes, somebody really thinks that you must spend all your time on trading to gain more profit, not on crypto news analysis. However it’s crucially important to know where the winds blow, no matter you prefer buy&hold or day trading strategies. News can give you basic understanding what is going to happen with a token price. There are plenty of websites that can provide you with the information you may turn into real prediction if you have experience in news analysis. The next thing you need to keep in mind if you trade some new crypto is ICO updates. Never miss them and forum ICO discussion, because some new and fresh crypto is very volatile. Here I will try to provide you with fresh and most important crypto news that will be useful for trading and understanding future of cryptocurrencies at all.


It is expected that the stage will permit trading digital money for neighborhood baht in Thailand and for national rupees in Indonesia.

That's quite a surprising news we've got from Cointelegraph and China Central Bank. It appears blockchain technology is not so useful we used to think.

Let's talk about this strange police actions against crypto ATM in Bangladesh mall.

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