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My offer regarding crypto strategies guides for any crypto website

My crypto strategy offer

It’s been a while since I’ve created this website and recently I’ve started to think again about its purpose. The fact is that we all gain experience as we grow older and therefore we reconsider our ideas, goals, especially if we talk about crypto website and strategy business and everything that is connected. That is a fast changing environment, thus a plan you thought was solid yesterday leads you to a dead end today, and to keep up you need to find another strategy.

At the beginning, I was planning to keep a blog in a form of a diary about my successes and failures, ups and downs, but hidden from my surrounding next door. You must admit that you do not want you neighbors who are your Facebook followers in the same time to discuss your crypto strategies or Bitcoin best deals that you have posted on your timeline an hour ago.

However, when the website was ready, and it was time to fill it with something, I decided it’s better to keep silent about how to trade on forex, what trading crypto strategy to choose on stocks and especially how to start activity on forex. There are thousands of similar resources, thus their value falls in price each day, because everyone that earned a dollar an hour later becomes a “famous” trader that wants to share his hundred percent winning crypto strategy to build his confidence even if it’s already reaching a ceiling. I thought it is better to avoid that superiority complex crowd.

In my Introduction, I mentioned that I like to keep an ear on the ground, to be alert to any changes in the in cryptocurrency world, for example, crypto strategies. That’s why most of the time I spend gathering and classifying every bit of information about new altcoins, Ethereum and Bitcoin forecasts or what’s new on the forex or crypto stocks. I was collecting the most informative and useful articles to bring them out on the website later.

That period lasted until I understood my nature wants to use the website for a different purpose. In my dreams, I was a leader of a small group holding the same views on crypto trading or even crypto strategies, for example. Moreover, I kept myself thinking that I have a lot of knowledge to share already and to teach a new trader from scratch. I imagined myself explaining some hints how to avoid losses at the beginning, discussing the future of cryptocurrencies and crypto websites.

There was an obvious obstacle on the way to creating my trader community: there are legions of traders on thousands of stocks, how to find those who really want to learn forex trading, crypto strategy and earn money on crypto. Besides, most of traders are like table tennis balls: through their short trading career all they do is, literally bouncing from one crypto strategy to another change their plans every hour. People like that think one or two lessons is enough, now they for sure know how make a few deals and get rich in no time. In addition, after they fail you will be guilty for all their losses. Of course, if they remember who gave them the lesson.

I would think over it for a long time if not my son. Hans was watching a YouTube video about cheaters in online video games. You know, cheaters are those guys you can thank for bad gaming experience. So the author suggested a few ways how to minimize the number of cheaters in modern free-to-play games, and one of them was pretty simple: there must be a fee for an account registration. Because who wants to lose an account and money after being banned for cheating.

That’s exactly what was looking for! Sure, you heard about fee-based courses and trading seminars, but I need payment only to cut off table tennis balls. Let them bounce away for free crypto strategies. The registration fee goes for charity: I do not think that amount worth hiding from a taxman. I will earn much more shoulder to shoulder with a few smart and loyal traders.

So, my offer: 10€ for a sign-up on my website where I gather a team, I will lead per aspera ad astra — to the top of trading experience. Add this page to bookmarks for further details. Good luck!

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