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Crypto meaning and what is crypto in card games

How poker helped me understand what is crypto.

It is very important in trading to have a strong command of your senses and emotions.


Either it was a bad day at work, “boss” who yells at you or your half-hour fight with your wife – all these things can get you in stressed state. It is very useful to clarify whether you are in this mood. If you are - better do not start trading, unless you do not want to have a lot of fails that will drive you even crazier than before. You have to wait until the moment is perfect and only then make a call.

what is crypto

That is exactly why I love poker. I play it since graduation from university, my friend Roger taught me to play it and now I often get greater score than he is. It is always cheering when you surpass someone who taught you the basics. What is crypto market? You always have to tame your emotions, keep yourself cool-headed and foresee the outcome long before others. And a bit of luck of course.
Poker is like the test version of Cryptocurrency and stock market where you can test and know yourself better.

If you want to truly understand what meaning word “ crypto ” has, I will introduce you to the best people in this area.
At first, you have to analyze the situation and only after procced with your decision. You cannot read everything but your job is to make sure that you have put enough efforts to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.
You have to understand correctly – whether you have power and will to trade right now or not.
The only thing that card games has but crypto and stock market don’t is bluffing. I wish we could all bluff sometimes at Forex :).

If anybody would like to play with me, you are always welcome to my page.

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