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How I entered crypto worls and earned first crypto stock experience

Short introduction...

Or how I learnt to love Forex and Bitcoin trading


I think you expect to see here another amazing “true” story about average Joe who entered the world of trading with one dollar and a dream to have a yacht, a plane and other expensive stuff an icon of trading can own. It was hard but he made it, and now he is telling us, for some reason, how to get even more income on Forex or cryptocurrency stocks.

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C’mon, that time is over — The Wolf of Wall Street is a rerun already, and everybody knows that to be a trader is not a God’s blessing, nor an office slavery, however. It’s a profession, a hobby and a style of life with its pros and cons.
My name is Uwe Neumann, and I chose to be a trader 3 years ago. It wasn’t a spontaneous decision, by the way. I had been working as an accountant in a major retail company for 15 years before… well, let’s say my work methods became too old fashioned. Yeah, I was that guy who embraces new ideas slowly, so all these network sell strategies, cryptocurrencies were nothing but trouble to me. I was the oldest in my office, barely understanding what the heck those youngsters are talking about.
At this point you think I’m going to tell you how I decided to google all that stuff I mentioned before, and found a prosperous alternative world with traders, forex strategies or the best way to earn bitcoins in no time. But no, I have found a job in smaller company to support my wife and two sons. Hans and Peter had stopped being little teenager monsters, but became almost grown up men, thus I got some spare time after work.
Soon I found myself bored — I missed that time in a large company, especially that atmosphere of contemporaneity, those talks about future in financial sphere, numerous discussions about crypto stocks or altcoin growth, etc. I felt like an old man for the first time even taking to the account I’ve never been involved into trading.
At first I tried to start some conversations with my sons, but all they offered was barely connected with a financial sphere. Forex to them was nothing but a bunch of funny pictures from the internet, where traders looked tired from everyday routine or vice versa, they were stressed about risks and mistakes in their business.
As for the cryptocurrencies, all the talks were about mining, and how Bitcoin and Ethereum conquer the world. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not telling you my sons are dumb — they are very smart, especially when it comes to modern technologies. And like the rest from their generation, they are already practicing in purchasing gadgets for Bitcoins. But Hans and Peter have never thought about the profits from selling/buying currencies or crypto tokens.
Finally my story moves to the point in my life, when I committed myself to trading on a regular basis. I’m not going to bore you with all the details, like which stock I chose as the first one or what source of information I used to learn how to trade on Forex. Moreover, I do not want to explain you obvious motivation to start trading — cost of higher education for sons placed a burden on me and my wife. Therefore, I thought it would be awesome if I could get some profit from my new hobby.
crypto stock forexMaybe later I will make some reviews, write a few advices for beginners on how to avoid troubles in traders’ world. In this article I would like to outline my trader’s evolution in general.
Forex was at its height 3 years ago, so I made my first deposit on one of the largest stocks. Do you remember my last name, Neumann? That means “new man”. You can call me newbie, I’m okay with that, because to be a rookie is always exciting. So much new to learn, and first steps give you vivid impressions. Of course, the first successful deal was also a good push to spare more time on trading.
After one and a half years trading on Forex started to look like a job with a regular income, so I felt I need to start learning something new. So it had not taken too long before I registered on a cryptocurrency stock. You could ask me why I had not purchased some tokens, or participated in an ICO, but you know, I never lied myself, I wanted to make money from cryptocurrencies, like millions of other people. It was a matter of time when crypto stocks appear and separate those who want to support the concept of crypto and those who want to cash in on bitcoin value.
Forex and cryptocurrency stocks are similar in approach, thus it was not so hard to learn crypto trading and to maintain my Forex activity.

At this point I think I better stop my introduction to highlight the main point in this story: do not afraid to be a newbie, try something new without fear. Good luck!


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