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A new ad marketplace by Adeezy.

New Ad Tech Model and Marketplace for Digital Advertising

Adeezy is set to dispatch another worldwide commercial center for the computerized publicizing industry to interface promoters, distributers and crusade directors straightforwardly with inventive ability and substance makers from everywhere throughout the world. Saddling blockchain innovation and AI, Adeezy plans to make a reason fabricated biological community with new maintainable income openings and money related straightforwardness for all members in the advertisement creation conveyance chain. By 2020, a lot of aggregate promoting will ascend to half of the aggregate worldwide advertisement spend of $427.26 billion, yet the advanced publicizing industry is buried in inheritance approaches. There are an excessive number of delegates without including esteem; the conveyance chain has lost its straightforwardness, Ad Tech dispersion models depend on energizing to 30% edges, publicizing stages confine the stream of execution information, and promoting extortion rates are on the ascent. At last, publicists today have considerably less conviction of where their showcasing spending plan is going, while content makers are compelled to push for greater and greater gatherings of people to make mass market promoting financial aspects work. Adeezy's new across the board commercial center is intended to make points of interest for all members in the computerized promoting biological community with its new straightforward business and income share show. Utilizing ground-breaking AI and blockchain innovation, Adeezy gives a reason fabricated straightforward condition where promoters can publicly support imaginative ability and substance, while content makers can create new feasible income with smaller scale installments and motivating forces dependent on investment and watcher pertinence. Adeezy's innovation will dispose of most known promotion misrepresentation strategies, which means publicists benefit from their battle spending plan and increment ROI by exploiting network made substance. At no additional cost, publicists will have the capacity to build their imaginative limit publicly supporting substance from anyplace on the planet. The stage will welcome the gathering of people to rate the nature of the substance, which will enable sponsors to make content that pulls in, engages and changes over as dictated by the network, not by a focal judge. The advanced publicizing framework is broken. Our key differentiator from existing industry stages is the new income sharing model we made for a divergent gathering to cooperate to help the system. Utilizing blockchain innovation and keen contracts, Adeezy furnishes another level playing field with straightforward money related motivations, feasible income streams, solid information and in particular, an environment intended to remunerate imagination and execution.

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